: : h a s n i ' s   h o m e p a g e : :

h o m e  
l i f e   p o e t r y
n e w s
r e l i g i o u s  
g a l e r y
o p i n i o n
p r o j e c t
b i o g r a p h y
c a m p u s s
g u e s t  b o o k

Assalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb.

Thank's to Allah SWT, the only one God in this world, that had given me strenght to finish this site and makes my dreams come true. And also to all of my friend that have been helping me, especially Mr. Yoyok Hartawan for every minute you give to help me up.

Being a nice and good people is a hard things to do. But with all respects to my religion-value, I still keep trying to be a useful man for other people. I wish you will like my site and having many pleasure by surfing in it, and I also hope that God will bless us all. Amien.

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